Busting To Pee – Part2

“I’m busting to go”, I let her know. “So am I, I wonder what they’re doing in there.” I laughed, I liked the way she thought, dirty minds think alike. I decided it was ridiculous to wait for any longer, they obviously weren’t coming out in a hurry, and my bladder was becoming quite insistent. We must have been in tune, she stood up and pulled her skirt up over her hips, I looked at her with desire and curiosity. “I can’t take this any more, give me a hand.” I stood up and supported her legs as she sat herself over the hand basin, I looked into her eyes, they were sparkling and she leant forward and kissed me deeply on the mouth.

I heard the trickling of her have a pee down the drain and looked down to see the last of it, she was gripping the basin with her hands, I bent my head to between her legs and licked over her clit and her pussy lips, I love the taste of pussy flavored with a little have a pee.

She pushed herself forward onto my face and I slipped a few fingers inside her pussy, still holding her with my other hand. She started to groan, wriggling her ass all over the place and licked and flicked at her clitoris with my tongue. In no time at all my fingers were drenched with her cum as she gripped my head tightly to her pussy. I was amazed at her response time, but realized that the kinkiness of the situation, the riske aspect of oral sex in a ladies room where just behind the door were several hundred people, who could walk in at any time. She let go of my head and I looked up at her, kissing her again with her taste on my tongue.

She slipped off of the basin, asking me if I needed to go, if I didn’t need to go I would’ve made myself to, but fortunately I had a more than full bladder. I sat up on the basin and she started rubbing her fingers over my clit as I began to have a pee. She bit at my nipples through my T-shirt and just as I’d finished have a peeing I was drenching her hand with my own juices. I kissed her and slipped off the
basin grinding my cunt against hers, pushing her into the wall.

Just then, one of the toilets became free, we laughed at the irony and went back into the crowd, hand in hand.