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“I’m busting to go”, I let her know. “So am I, I wonder what they’re doing in there.” I laughed, I liked the way she thought, dirty minds think alike. I decided it was ridiculous to wait for any longer, they obviously weren’t coming out in a hurry, and my bladder was becoming quite insistent. We must have been in tune, she stood up and pulled her skirt up over her hips, I looked at her with desire and curiosity. “I can’t take this any more, give me a hand.” I stood up and supported her legs as she sat herself over the hand basin, I looked into her eyes, they were sparkling and she leant forward and kissed me deeply on the mouth.

I heard the trickling of her have a pee down the drain and looked down to see the last of it, she was gripping the basin with her hands, I bent my head to between her legs and licked over her clit and her pussy lips, I love the taste of pussy flavored with a little have a pee.

She pushed herself forward onto my face and I slipped a few fingers inside her pussy, still holding her with my other hand. She started to groan, wriggling her ass all over the place and licked and flicked at her clitoris with my tongue. In no time at all my fingers were drenched with her cum as she gripped my head tightly to her pussy. I was amazed at her response time, but realized that the kinkiness of the situation, the riske aspect of oral sex in a ladies room where just behind the door were several hundred people, who could walk in at any time. She let go of my head and I looked up at her, kissing her again with her taste on my tongue.

She slipped off of the basin, asking me if I needed to go, if I didn’t need to go I would’ve made myself to, but fortunately I had a more than full bladder. I sat up on the basin and she started rubbing her fingers over my clit as I began to have a pee. She bit at my nipples through my T-shirt and just as I’d finished have a peeing I was drenching her hand with my own juices. I kissed her and slipped off the
basin grinding my cunt against hers, pushing her into the wall.

Just then, one of the toilets became free, we laughed at the irony and went back into the crowd, hand in hand.


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Feeling dizzy from the crowd, the sweat in the air, and the second-hand cigarette smoke I was made to breathe I retreated to the ladies’ room. The music blared behind the door, slightly muffled but still loud enough to shake my tenuous grasp on consciousness. I walked over to the sink, turning the tap on, hoping to splash some water over my face in an attempt to feel somewhat better. “Are you alright?” She asked me, patting my forehead with some damp paper toweling. I looked up at this stranger who was maternally caring for me.

I was lying on the tiled floor of the ladies’ room, just underneath the sinks and thankfully out of the way of the door. “I must have dizzied”, I mumbled. She told me she found me lying on the floor and hoped I hadn’t overdosed or something. I smiled, I don’t do drugs, I just get a little hyper sometimes. “No, it’s just the heat, and the smoke, and the sweat.” I tried to push myself up into a sitting position and my head spun wildly, she saw the look in my eyes, perhaps a green tinge to my skin and told me to lie back down.

“I don’t really like this music anyway, I was here for the support acts, I’ll stay here with you until you’re better.” I love the kindness of strangers. She pressed the cold paper toweling over my face again, then re-wet it under the taps. I was regaining some circulation, with the blood returning to my head I took the chance to look her over properly. She had short blonde hair, bleached with about an inch of regrowth. Sexy and skanky, just my type. His green eyes returned their mind to me as I was admiring her cute tits in the tight white T-shirt she wore.

She noticed where my mind had drifted to and smiled, I smiled back. There were only three toilets and they were all full, I wondered what the people were doing in there that was taking so long. I came to the ladies’ room for some cool water and a little space, but my bladder was making me aware of it’s growing need to have a pee. I looked from door to door, willing the women to come out and let me in. “Your complexion looks a bit better”, she informed me. I started to sit upon the filthy floor, thankful I wore a black skirt and the tight blacktop rather than a paler complexion which would have shown up the filth I’d been lying in.


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“But I have to pee NOW” she said “What do you suggest I do?” “I suppose you’ll have to hold it” he told her. She peeked at the clock again. “That’s over an hour and a half away…I’ll never make it” she told him. “Well I can’t have you breaking our ground rules..remember we said you would not take off any of your clothes” he smiled. “That didn’t include for using the bathroom” she argued. “Well I don’t remember any exclusions…so you have one of two choices…hold it or wet yourself.” He said with a sly grin. “I wouldn’t give you the pleasure” she said. She sat down in a chair and crossed her legs.

Over the next hour things only got worse…the pressure on her bladder got greater and greater until she was almost in tears…She tried to think of anything except how bad she had to pee but nothing helped. Only 10 minutes left to go but she was very afraid she was not going to make it.

“Can I Please go pee?..I’ve got less then 10 minutes to go but I definitely don’t know if I can hold it” she pleaded. John peeked at the clock. “I’m sorry but a bet is a bet..but just in case I’m prepaired”. John went to the bathroom and returned with a large beach towel…He spread it out on the kitchen floor away from his carpet. “If you are going to lose control stand on this” he said “It should soak up most of the pee” Her bladder begged for relief. Just 5 more minutes…but it seemed like eternity. Suddenly she started to dribble..just a little… but she was aware it was the beginning of the end…her bladder was on the verge of total meltdown and their was nothing she could do to stop it. She hurriedly got up and stood on the towel in the kitchen…

John smiled in pleasure knowing he was about to witness a beautiful girl drench her jeans as he watched. Jo felt the muscles in her bladder spasm and she was aware this was the end….Then suddenly she got an idea…she ran off the towel and into Johns living room…standing on his beautiful plush carpet. “NO Not on the carpet!!!!” John yelled. Jo quit fighting to hold back…she spread her legs..relaxed and let nature do the rest. Her hot piss sprayed out into her panties and jeans…hurriedly soaking trough them and pouring down her legs forming twim puddles at her feet…A stream fell from between her legs and made a third puddle below her crotch…the relief was tremendous and she was no where near finished. She closed her eyes and continued to empty her bladder until she was completely finished. By now the carpet below her was one huge puddle of piss. Jo went and grabbed the beach towel John had placed in the kitchen floor and wrapped it around her to cover her wet jeans. “You have to tidy that up” John stuttered..pointing at the drenched carpet. Jo peeked at the clock. “Oh I would be happy to..but it’s two minutes after midnight…so I’m no longer your slave…tidy it up yourself” Jo said with a smile. Jo hurried out the door and headed home.


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