Female Urination

In females, the urethra opens straight into the vulva. Because of this, the urine does not exit at a distance from the body and is therefore hard to control. Hence, urination will normally have to take place while sitting down. When not urinating into a toilet, squatting is the easiest way for a female to direct the urine stream. If done this way, the urine will go forward downwards. Some females use one or both hands to focus the direction of the urine stream, which is more easily achieved while in the squatting position.

It is also possible for many females to urinate standing while spreading their legs. This technique is not uncommon for a female who wears a sarong, skirt, or other such open bottomed garments, and either wears no underwear, or removes it. In Africa, even signs which forbid public urination often show a picture of a female urinating like this. Laos is a country where it is common for women to urinate standing. There are reports that seem to indicate that in Togo women urinate using this method, while men do it squatting. Herodotus described a similar custom in ancient Egypt. Though uncommon, it is also possible for females to urinate standing up, in a way similar to that of males. This may be done by spreading the labia minora open and orienting the pelvis at an angle, and rapidly forcing the urine stream out. Reports indicate that it is common that women in the Ivory Coast use this method when they urinate. Some sources seem to indicate that women urinate this way in West Africa in general. Other reports indicate, however, that it seems to be less common for women to urinate standing in West Africa, while it has been reported that it is common that women urinate standing up in the streets in Malawi. An alternative method for women to urinate standing is to use a tool known as a female urination device to assist